Friday, May 29, 2009

Our Wedding

My Groom Brian

Dad and Phylis

Our wedding party!

Our first dance

Me and Caleb our ring baby!

Me and my daddy!

Grandma Carin(mother in law) and Travis

The happy Bride!

Clay and Abby

Me and SamiJo (Flower Girl)

Brian and his mom.

Father & Daughter song.

Jenn and Clay..

Cory James

Cutting our cake

Brian, Scott, and the minister

Our sign

Scott, Nate and My oldest son Clay

Us and our Parents

Our girls

me and my girls

Brian and his guys

Uniting our family as one!!

Smile big

our first kiss as husband and wife

Cory and my mom

My brother, Caleb, SamiJo, and Josie

Nora, James, Caleb and mom

My groom


Dan, Brian, Scott,Cory,Travis, Clay

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