Saturday, October 3, 2009

Weekend of Events

Some of my favorite appearances are with the beautiful ladies of the Mrs Oregon Pageant. Recently we had a very fun packed weekend. Saturday started out in Beaverton at the Beaverton Parade, where I can say I am extremely proud that we all were there held our heads up high and got soaking wet from the rain, but we all did it with grace and dignity! Then the group met at Red Robin for lunch and had the chance to pick the brain of Mrs Oregon Joelle, although she was a bit distracted with the Ducks playing on a TV in eye shot... He he he he ( Her dedication to the team is great!) Then off to Libbys shop for some much needed (at least on my part) rehersal and a short Arbone class. We were wore out, but ready for Sunday, we all met in downtown Portland on Sunday and joined about 50,000 men women and childern in the race for the cure. Our team name "Crowns for the cure". My son Travis was a huge help both Saturday and Sunday carring all items for us and even gettis us water durning the race! I love you my little man, Thank you!!

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